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Hello my name is Graham Allen and welcome to my website!
I began researching my family history some 20 years ago after having a coversation with my father's brother Keith Allen, about our Allen and Leece families.
Sadly he is now not with us but he is in my thoughts regularly and I often wonder what, he and my father would make of the information I have researched upto the present day.

The main five family names I am resaerching are as follows below.
My Paternal Family Names
The name was originally spelt Allin and change to Allen about 1822.Originally from Combe Martin, Berrynarbour, Devon, England, and arrived in Swansea Wales United Kingdom about 1851.
LEECE Family
Originally from Kirk Arbory, Kirk Malew, Kirk Patrick
in the Isle of Man, United Kingdom.

My Maternal Family Names
Originally from the Ireland, Guernsey and Wales, United Kingdom
Originally from Clutton, Somerset, England, United Kingdom.

My thanks to the following people for help they have given towards my research over the years:-
Robin Lasbury, Sylvia Allen, Ruth Spickett, Geoffery Crabbe, Trevor Summers and Bethan Divine and my late mother Barbara Allen and my late uncle Keith Allen.
Due to the ongoing concerns of identity theft I have removed the details of all living individuals from this site,
all that now show is their name.

I dedicate this website to the loving memory of
my father - Norman Edward Allen and my mother - Barbara Joan Allen and my father's brother Keith Henery Allen and to all our ancestors.

This site was last updated on 24th July 2018

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