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Top 30 largest localities (total places):

United Kingdom (82)
England (19)
Isle of Man (13)
England. (5)
Wales (3)
Canada (3)
USA (3)
Devon England (2)
Swansea (2)
Cardiff (2)
Utah (2)
Wales United Kingdom (1)
Dublin Ireland
Wales. (1)
Western Cemetary Ely Cardiff
England United Kingdom (1)
Whimple Devon
Wyoming USA
Exeter Devon England (1)
Glamorgan (1)
In The County Of Monmouthshire. (1)
Ireland (1)
Kirk Patrick Isle of Man
Lancashire (1)
Llansamlet Swansea Glamorgan (1)
May and June Cardiff 11a 825 (1)
North Wales United Kingdom
Patrick Isle of Man
Pennsylvania (1)
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